The Truth About Getting Verified on IG Revealed

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How To ACTUALLY Get Verified On Instagram 

Forget what you've heard. Getting verified on Instagram is really, really difficult for the vast majority of people who try. If you don't know what buttons to push and aren't connected with someone on the inside, your odds of getting the blue checkmark are virtually zero if you've already been rejected regardless of what the useless blogs will tell you. No matter what you might've read online already, there is no fair way to play the game. You can't just wait it out every single month and hope for the best because nothing will ever happen, that we can guarantee. This is where we come in; we've released the necessary guide to help you get verified on Instagram A.S.A.P. even if you've been rejected in the past. It's a well known fact that virtually anybody can get the blue checkmark IF they follow the steps we've outlined. Those who get inside this program get verified, period. If you're serious about getting verified on Instagram, you have come to the right place.

Instagram is very selective about whom they let join their blue tick club, and influencers & celebrities alike have often complained about how it is so much more difficult to get the blue checkmark on Instagram than it is on Spotify, Tik Tok, Twitter, & Facebook. In this guide we go over exactly what it takes to guarantee the verification of your account on Instagram if you follow the steps to a tee, as well as how/where you can buy a pre-verified account and have verification status immediately if you choose to go down that route. You will learn:

• What you need to do today to get verified on Instagram.

• What exactly the Instagram employees are looking for.

• What you can do to ensure that your account gets swiftly verified.

• Which industries are easier to get approval in.

• Why your verification requests have been rejected.

• Direct access to the network/platform on which pre-verified accounts are being sold on, and where sellers can ensure your verification process through their direct access to Facebook representatives (you don't pay unless you get verified and all transactions go through escrow)

and much more. If you're clever, you will make your initial investment back in a few short days or weeks after getting verified in the form of networking and advertising opportunities. There is real value behind being verified on Instagram and it goes a LOT further than just money. 

Immediate benefits of being verified on IG

• Your DM's going straight to the top of recipient's inbox

• Advertising/sponsorships

• Instant credibility in your industry

• Authenticates that you are who you say you are

• Improves visibility on explore page

• Opportunity to receive free perks from hotels/restaurants

• Increases account authority 

Disclaimer: this product is a guide. You will read about what you can do to verify your account; we are not going to do this process for you.

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In this MasterClass, you will gain immediate access to the information necessary to ensure your Instagram account verification. If you've been trying to get verified for a while, then you know that this is generally something that you can't do on your own with limited knowledge. Nine times out of ten, you will need assistance from the experts.

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The Truth About Getting Verified on IG Revealed

2 ratings
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